Release your inner housepunk! HousePunkery is offbeat crafts and home decor, for a punked up lifestyle. We share offbeat crafts, quirky diys, freebies, peeks into my glittery world, and more.

Melissa French

Letting my quirkiness show

For years I have been considering starting a home business, creating something that I could sell while staying home with my children. I start projects all the time, but things never seemed to come together to put any of them in a shop. But in 2014 I suddenly found myself in the midst of four craft projects at once, all of which shared an aesthetic and were something I thought people would like. I decided that if I waited until I was “ready” I would never get started, so I took the plunge and opened the HousePunkery shop.

HousePunkery showcases a wide variety of looks that appeal to me, from steampunk to geek chic. I am always making diy crafts at home and seem to find a way to apply my offbeat nature to anything. I have channeled this creative energy into a shop filled with eclectic items. I hope you enjoy!

I LOVE to make this stuff and I thrive on helping people, if you would like something custom made just let me know.

Meet The Team:

LittlesThe Littles

The littles help with various tasks. These jobs include pulling things from the printer and running off with them, grabbing the super fine glitter tube and hiding somewhere with it, and applying glitter liberally to small items.


Linda is a member of the family and helps to make many of the creations featured here. She contributes when designing new items, helps with tasks such as painting frames, and is the main assistant at craft fairs.


I am a mom living in New Hampshire with a family of six (and five cats). I am the crazy neighbor with paint under her nails, glitter everywhere, a cat in every window, and the Xmas tree up all year. I am a thrifty, crunchy, geeky, offbeat mother.

Officialish Bio: Melissa French lives in New Hampshire with her family of six. She is the offbeat neighbor with paint under her nails, a cat in every window, and the Xmas tree up all year. Her shop HousePunkery is full of neat schtuff for your favorite geeks, freaks, and glitter lovers. Her quirky, painstaking posts are the delight of the internet and social media users who follow her. Her glitter addiction is surpassed only by her love of chocolate. And possibly her kids.


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